VERTIGO is where art, technology and innovation meet

Besides been looked at and experienced, Art has the potential to contribute to the development of technologies and the way we use them. It is this potential of artistic processes and practices in relation to technological innovation the VERTIGO project examines. How can art contribute to a greater awareness of the technical solutions in Aarhus? And how can art help engage citizens in experiments with city technology?

VERTIGO is a European development programme under STARTS (Science, Technology and the ARTS) supporting and coordinating artist residencies. For a while one or more artists will live and work at a given place on a given project. With VERTIGO relations between technology, art and innovation, and the people working in these fields, are forged. A technological project is parred with an artist who will produce an original artwork based on the technologies and challenges given by the city owning the project.

VERTIGO is part of START and thereby supported by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The purpose of VERTIGO is to be a catalyst for new synergies between e.g. artist, cultural institutions, research and development projects within information and communication technology, companies and funds.

Smart City art – what is that?
In Aarhus, we wish to create greater attention to and awareness of Aarhus City Lab and its possibilities. Aarhus City Lab is a public space at the harbor site installed with sensors collecting data about e.g. traffic, air quality and movement in the city. The place is uses to experiment with and test new technological solutions and systems – the so-called Smart City solutions.

But how do we transform Aarhus City Lab to the desired venue and meeting place for city experiments, artworks and citizen engagement? How can a seemingly non-technology enabled public space engage citizens in the concept of Smart City? This is the challenge the artist will help us with.

International artist coming to Aarhus
Walid Breidi (FR) and Virgile Novarina (FR) have been given the task to create a co-created, engaging and playful artwork that challenges citizens to use technology in the urban space. The aim is to help citizens to better understand and relate to Aarhus City Lab and the Smart City technologies of Aarhus.

The two artists plan to create an artwork focusing on the heeling, creative and productive powers of sleep. Through the measurements of brain activities and brainwaves, video projections around the city and interactive installations they connect the sleepers of the city through the city network – creating a dreamlike atmosphere in the city. 

Project period
January 2018 – June 2019

Project manager Michelle Bach Lindstrøm

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