How do we develop smart solutions to city challenges?

In the 4-year SCORE project, nine cities and four universities from seven different countries collaborate to create technological solutions – smart city solutions – to solve some of the challenges faced by the partner cities. SCORE stands for Smart Cities and Open data REuse and aims to use and reuse the great number of data cities generate and store to meet challenges of e.g. climate, waste, environment, traffic and parking.

The nine cities in the North Sea Region examines their common challenges and existing solutions or systems to be able to create replicable and open public services and products that can be implemented in more than a single city. This could be solutions for the management of garbage trucks based on waste location data or solutions to guide vehicles to available parking spots using sensor data and GPS.

Reusing data to create better public services
Sharing data and using an open source approach is the basis of the project. Whit this approach, the purpose of the project is to change how cities and municipalities interact with and invest in technology. Instead of developing great, closed systems, the project moves towards an open model for development where cities and countries cross-collaborates and engages citizens and companies.

By analysis, development, tests and implementation SCORE works to crate scalable and open data-driven solutions which can be copied and used by others with similar challenges. The aim is to create high quality solutions while also reducing the costs of public services.

SCORE is supported by Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) and in Aarhus, ITK (Department for Culture and Citizens’ services) collaborates with the Department of Technical Services and Environment and Aarhus University.

Project partners

  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • Hamburg (DE)
  • Dordrecht (NL)
  • Ghent (BE)
  • Bergen (NO)
  • Aberdeen (GB)
  • Bradford (GB)
  • Gothenburg (SW)
  • Aarhus (DK)

Project period
September 2017 – February 2020

Project manager Michelle Bach Lindstrøm

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