In ITK a dedicated EU-team offers its expertise to both partners within the City of Aarhus and in a national and international context. Over the years the ITK EU-team have taken part in many EU projects and evolved into a professional unit.

We strive to be a city department with local acclaim while also making an impact in an international context. By taking charge as initiators of new projects, initiatives and networks, we build strong local, national and international ties. With experts within human centered design, smart city development and social innovation, the EU-team offers itself as a highly skilled project partner.

ITK collaborates on Innovation, Technology and Creativity
From mainly working with library development and lifelong learning the department now works more intensely with Smart City projects and the very core of what/who we are: ITK – Innovation, Technology and Creativity. For example, ITK works with development and digitalization of public services, supports and facilitates innovation processes and develop and maintain digital library services.

We believe that working together across departments, professions and cultures makes for a higher quality in the work we do. It ensures more relevant services and significant innovation. Our focus on engagement of citizens, stakeholders and employees from the outset of a project to the very end is an important part of our approach and we expect our partners to embrace the same approach. This open and experimenting approach is at the core of our work with e.g. Open Data, Open Source and new technologies.

ITK Lab, afdelingsleder Anne Vest 

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