Rentable areas in Dokk1

Dokk1 contains approx. 10,000 rentable square metres divided into six tenancies.

The rentable areas will overlook the water and the city as well as have a very central location in Aarhus.

A company which rents space in Dokk1 will become part of a dynamic, vibrant and innovative community with a great chance for synergy benefits from other activities in the house.

The commercial tenancies have defined boundaries that separate them from the public part of the house. However, they are located in visible spaces in order to expose the companies to the approx. 3500 daily users of Citizens' Services and the Library.

There are storage rooms for each tenancy.

The tenants can also use Dokk1's large, shared canteen, which has a production kitchen.
The canteen can provide meals for staff and guests, deliver meals for meetings as well as be used for representative events.

Use of facilities
Dokk1 contains a number of facilities, which tenants may enter into an agreement to use. This includes for instance: 

  • Auditorium with room for 260 people where tenants can hold events and conferences 
  • Meeting rooms, project rooms and labs for smaller groups, which tenants can book

Practical information
Altogether, there are 10,000 rentable square metres divided into six tenancies.
Each individual tenant may help complete the design of the tenancy based on individual wishes and needs.

Contact Senior Project Manager Niels Vad Sørensen to learn more about the tenancies.
Phone: +45 8940 9315