Recurring events for Children & Families

Here you find a selection of recurring events for children and families.

For all recurring events, please see "Det sker på Dokk1" for exact place, date and time (in Danish).

UIC International Playgroup

The International Playgroup is organized by Aarhus University International Club (UIC) in collaboration with the main library in Aarhus, Dokk1. International and Danish families, with children of all ages, are welcome to join and engage with others in a playful environment. The playgroup meets every Friday between 10:00 to 13:00 and you can join at any time.

We invite you to join the UIC International Playgroup Facebook Page, where updates about each meeting are shared. Find further information here or send an email to with any specific inquiry.



UIC International Playgroup

Dad's Playgroup / Fars legestue

Dad's Playgroup is a place where fathers and their 0-3 year olds can meet up.

Meet other fathers and their children and get new inspiration and ideas on activities with your child. We meet on Thursdays in The Family Lounge ("Pusterummet") from 12.00-14.30 pm.


Dad's playgroup image

Movies for the youngest / Film for de yngste

This fall we will be showing movies for the youngest on four Wednesdays from 10:00 to 10:30. You can will find the exact dates in our event list (just search for: Film for de yngste)

Each time we show 3-4 movies per. time duration totaling approx. 30 min. It is free - but registration is required.


Movies for the youngest image

Creative Workshop / KREA-værksted

Try out different creative methods in the Creative Workshop.
Twice a week, we open the workshop in the afternoon. Here you can do everything from recycled art and monster books to workshops where creativity is an interaction between the analogue and digital universe.

The theme of the workshop changes from week to week, and we provide materials, inspiration and guidance.

The Creative Workshop is open to all creative souls, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Registration not required.


Creative Workshop image

Technology club / Teknikklub

For the 10-14 year olds

On the 2nd Thursday of the month we explore the world of technology together.
Sometimes there will be robots, other times we try to make games or play with stop motion techniques.

Participation is free - but registration is required.


Technology club image

Pokémon Club / Pokémon Klub

Come and have a good time every Monday at Rampen.

What is a Pokémon League? It’s a place where fans of the Pokémon Trading Card Game have an opportunity to meet up and have fun! It’s possible to borrow a deck and learn how to play.

Besides learning the game, you have the opportunity to participate in fun tournaments. The best part of it all is, that you get to do all of it with other Pokémon players, who love to collect and play just as much as you do.

Follow us on Facebook ( and contact, if you have any questions.


Pokémon Club Image

Philosophy Club / Filosofiklub

Every fourth Thursday of the month

Philosophy, wonder and big questions for children and adolescents aged 13-16 years:

  • Where is it better to be fast than slow?
  • Imagine if we could fly.
  • Can adults decide more than children?

Children and adolescents between the ages of 13 and 16 are invited to philosophize together over the small and big questions of existence.

We use philosophical games, conversation cards, and other materials that inspire fun, quirky, and thoughtful philosophical conversations in different ways.

Registration required, but tickets are free.

Arranged in collaboration with "Rum for undren".

Note: There is also a philosophy club for 10-12-year-olds.


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Chess at the Ramp / Skak på Rampen

Come and play a game of chess at Dokk1 – for beginners as well as advanced.

Are you new to chess and would like to learn, or are you advanced and would you like to challenge yourself playing with others? We meet up every Friday from 10–12 at the Ramp – everyone is welcome!

If you have questions, please contact Ole Ewald Thiesen at


Chess at the Ramp image

Storybook reading in Spanish

Every second Friday of the Month

RAICES, is a non profit cultural and integration association dedicated to promoting hispanic and latinamerican culture, act as a bridge to danish culture and society, as well as establishing intercultural dialogue.


Arranged in collaboration with


Storybook reading in Spanish image