Center for Innovation resides at Dokk. CFIA is for you who work with well-fare focused projects.

Center for Innovation in Aarhus (CFIA) is an innovation sparring partner, employed by the city of Aarhus and part of the strategic investment “Innovation in Aarhus – new paths to welfare”.

The start-up the innovation center was decided by the city council in 2015

We work together with all municipal departments, institutions, volunteers, businesses and citizens. Our mission is to contribute to development of effective solutions and services that holds real value to the citizens of Aarhus and to the city itself.

We bring together policymakers, strategic leaders, working professionals and citizens with the goal of creating new paths to well-fare in design-driven and human-centered processes, and we teach courses to ensure capacity building for city employees with interest in working human-centered.

If you work in well-fare related projects in the city of Aarhus you can utilize CFIA in three different ways:

  • As an innovation partner: For you who wish to achieve lasting, effective results in an innovation project.
  • As a meet-up and workshop space: For you and your team who need a change of scenery and acquire an inspiring workspace.
  • As an innovation capacity: For you who wish to expand your knowledge and use of design driven methods and tools.

We also offer an array of workshops, keynotes and other relevant events, presented by not just our own people but also special guests from our network from time to time.

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