The EU Project Team

Our team have been active partners in many EU projects over the years. We have evolved into a professional unit, and we offer our expertise both to partners within the City of Aarhus, and at an international level.
  • It is our aim to be a city department with local acclaim and to make an impact in an international context.
  • We take charge as initiators in new projects, initiatives and networks eg. through our involvement in OASC and The Creative Ring.
  • We employ experienced mentors within human centered design and social innovation.

The ITK EU department have a considerable record working with EU funded projects. It started in 2002 with DELCIS and PuLLS. In the beginning the work was mainly focused on library evolution and life-long learning, today our work are centered more and more around Smart Cities and the very core of what we are: Innovation, Technology and Creativity.

Our team consist of seasoned project managers, with experience at EU level. We work in a close collaboration as sparring partners, assessing new opportunities, networking towards creation of new applications. We do what we can to remain valuable and active partners.

About our projects

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