Guided tour

If you're alone or part of a small group please book your tour here (max. 15 persons).

The guided tour lasts about an hour. Meet up at the Information desk in Dokk1.



Monday 2nd of October at 4 pm

Monday 6th of November at 4 pm

Monday 4th of December at 4 pm


Printed tour guide

On days without guided tours - or if you would like to learn about Dokk1 on your own - we offer a printed tour guide. With this guide, you can follow the route inside and around the building and learn about the architecture, layout, rooms and facilities of Dokk1 and the many possibilities of the place. Info points around the building, marked with orange ‘dots’, provide information about the specific area. The indoor tour takes about 45 minutes and the outdoor tour takes about 30 minutes. 

You can pick up the printed tour guide at The Information or download it as a pdf here.


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