About Dokk1

Dokk1 is the large new Library and Citizens' Services at Aarhus Harbour

At Dokk1 you will have the chance for experience and activity as well as for tranquillity and contemplation. In the building you will find media, a café, project rooms, halls, study cells, playground and much more.

Dokk1 was designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and is part of the conversion of Aarhus inner harbour from industrial harbour to city space.

You can read more about Dokk1 and the Urban Waterfront in this brochure. (pdf)

Vision for Dokk1
Dokk1 should be a flexible and dynamic sanctuary for everyone in search of knowledge, inspiration, and personal development - an open and accessible learning environment supporting democracy and community.

Dokk1 provides space for contemplation and knowledge. It is an attractive, intelligent and interactive building, which supports the desire to learn and experience.

Core Values for Dokk1
Citizens, politicians, staff, experts, cooperation partners and networks have contributed to establish the seven core values for Dokk1.

  • The citizen as key factor
  • Lifelong learning and community
  • Diversity, cooperation and network
  • Culture and experiences
  • Bridging citizens, technology and knowledge
  • Flexible and professional organisation
  • Sustainable icon for Aarhus