Aarhus 2017

The project is supported by the Central Denmark Region and the 18 other municipalities in the region. This will be the most high-profile, politically and culturally significant project in Denmark in decades.

From sport and food, across language and politics, to arts and creativity, Aarhus 2017 will be a programme that reflects all of the things that make up our identity as Danes. It will allow us to enhance our place in Europe through our cultural landscape, centered around the concept ‘Rethink’.

There is a huge potential in using art and culture as a catalyst for change. Our task in hosting the European Capital of Culture is to place culture at the heart of our city and region, using this to create growth and development. We will give audiences across the region, Denmark and the world the opportunity to see world-class Danes and Europeans creating their most ambitious work together.

Many people, communities and ambitions are behind - across geography, demography and sectors. The Capital of Culture year is an opportunity to create value from culture as well as for culture, not only for the city, but also for the region and country, attracting trade, tourism and talent to our part of the country.

Read more about Aarhus 2017: http://www.aarhus2017.dk/en